About Us

Our HomesIn the spirit of true friendship, we seek to ensure that people with disabilities have every opportunity possible for full participation in society, continued personal growth and choice in all aspects of their lives.

Ottawa Foyers Partage (OFP) supports over fifty-five adults with multiple disabilities in Ottawa, Ontario.  With five groups, two supported independent living apartments and the ComputerWise program, OFP provides a community in which all are welcomed, regardless of creed, background or ability and supported without discrimination.   Our residents take part in all aspects of their lives, from ongoing care decisions, the daily work of the home, vacation planning and programs or work outside the house.  Living in a home enables residents to entertain family and friends and join in community activities and events of interest.

  • Mission:  OFP is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing individuals with disabilities stable and safe living accommodations and opportunities to engage in leisure, recreation, volunteer, learning and work activities consistent with their rights and unique aspirations, abilities and needs.
  • Vision:  Individuals living with multiple disabilities will live in a caring, supportive and inclusive environment that respects and promotes their right to meaningful participation in all aspects of life.

In 1982, with the support of Holy Cross Parish and a volunteer Board of Directors, Ottawa Foyers Partage established a Booth Street residence for people with multiple disabilities. The original three residents had previously been living at the Rideau Regional Centre, a large institution outside of Ottawa. In 1985, the organization opened a second home for six adults with disabilities. Over the years, Ottawa Foyers Partage has expanded and moved to accommodate more residents. ComputerWise, a computer-based workplace for persons with disabilities, was launched a few years later in 1987.


Ottawa Foyers Partage is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. The administrative team manages the day-to-day activities of the organization, handling logistics, financial matters and social issues. Each house has a Program Supervisor that reports to the Executive Director and a talented staff team that provides care to the residents.